Radio fictions

Collaborations with directors of french national radio channel France Culture. It consists essentially to help the understanding of a text by creating a sonic atmosphere that underlines the story…Music of this kind is very often a mix of composed and improvised sections.
First collaboration was initiated by our missing and beloved radio maestro Jacques Taroni back in 2006…


written by F.Culture's listeners, directed by Alexandre Plank - 2016

Musical direction and keyboards: Quentin Sirjacq

Musicians: Yoann Durant , Olivier Lété, Julien Loutelier
Sound design: Bertrand Amiel

music for saxes, keyboards, bass and drums



from Jocelyn Bonnerave, directed by Alexandre Plank-2016

Emmanuel Matte, Quentin Baillot, Damien Bonnard, Julien Honoré
sound design Bertrand Amiel
Musical direction, compostion and keyboards: Quentin Sirjacq
Drums : Etienne Bonhomme
Saxophones : Yoann Durant
Bass : Olivier Lété

music for saxes, piano, rhodes, bass and drums

Anima Laique

from Nancy Huston,directed by Sophie Aude Picon-2015

Composition and piano: Quentin Sirjacq
double bass: Youen cadiou
Drums: Julien Loutelier

music for piano, double bass and drums

Nancy Huston, Patrick Le Mauff, Chloé Réjon, Maï David, Laurent Lederer, Christiane Cohendy, Jacques Garsi, Emmanuel Suarez, Julie Fonroget, Aline Le Berre

La guerre des mondes

based on the original radio drama from Orson Wells and the H.G Wells-directed by Alexandre Plank-2015

Olivier Broche, Emmanuel Matte, Vladislav Galard, Maelia Gentil, Andréa Busque

Composition, piano, vibes and percussions: Quentin Sirjacq
Saxophone: Yoann Durant
Synthesizer and drums: Anthony Capelli
Ellispe string quartet
Lyodoh Kaneko violon
Youngeun Koo violon
Allan Swieton Alto
Florent Carrière cello
Sound design : Bertrand Amiel

music for piano, vibes, percussions, saxes, synthesizer, drums and string quartet

Le kojiki

written by Yann Allegret, directed by Marguerite Gateau-2014

directed by Marguerite Gateau

with Camille Garcia, Mouss, Anne-Lise Hamburger…
percussions: Arnaud Lassus
chant: Elise Caron

music for celesta, fender rhodes, vibraphone, marimba & small percussions


Excerpt from L'amant written by Margherite Duras, directed by Alexandre Plank -2013

music for piano and mixed electronics



Europe connexion

written by Alexandra Badea, directed by Alexandre Plank and Alexandra Badea-2013

music for piano, harmonium, bass, drums


L’innocence d’Arturo Bandini

written by Caryl Férey, directed by Jacques Taroni-2012

with Quentin Rollet and Johanna Nizard

music for piano, celesta and percussions

Dossier incertitudes

written by Linda MacLean, directed by Jacques Taroni-2011

music for marimba, piano and vibraphone  

La bonne volonté

written by Geneviève Brisac & Florence Seyros

directed by Jacques Taroni
with Noémie Lvosky and Louis-Do de Lencquesaing
Fictions & cie / France Culture

music for piano, vibraphone and celesta  


wrtitten by Bruno Bayen

directed by Jacques Taroni
Fictions &cie / France Culture

music for 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, clarinet, flûte berbère     
2 percussions and voices

Le Roi Lear

written by William Shakespeare

directed by Jacques Taroni
with Michel Galabru, Nicolas Gonsales, Yann Collette…
Fictions & cie  / France Culture 2006

music for 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, clarinet, celesta and percussions